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by Josh McCann

The soundtrack to summer is upon us! So exciting. This edition of Alt Monthly features the latest songs, Alt 18 countdown (including my song intro!), and memories with a throwback Alt Nation jam! Let’s get to it!

Okay here’s the latest songs I like:

Beabadoobee “Take a Bite”

SeaGirls “Come back to me”

Maria’s “Run Your Mouth”

Billie Eilish “Lunch”

The Bamd Camino “Nostalgia”

Vinyl Theatre “In this Moment”

Mondo Cozmo “Wild Horses”

Royal & The Serpent “American Spirit”

Cardinals “Unreal”

Dexter & The Moon Rocks “Sad in Carolina”….I had to write about this one. This band has been very consistent with releasing singles lately. This one might be their best yet. The “ohhh” chorus hits with the wall of guitars. The lyrics “I’m sad in Carolina,” are so catchy. It makes me think of vacations at Myrtle beach. I love it there though. The only time I’m sad in Carolina is when it rains while I’m sitting on the beach. Bummer! But still. Great song.

Cover Songs

I was listening to Alt Nation and heard Tatiana talking about how Lana Del Rey should cover Cigarettes after Sex. Good call! Really think that should happen. I think it would work well. And maybe Cigarettes after Sex should cover a Lana song! You never know!

Alt Throwback!

Here’s a new installment. It’s Alt nation throwback time! Every so often they’ll play a classic banger. The other day “Helena beat” by Foster the People came on. What an awesome song. It took me back to listening to the song with friends during the summer. We saw them at the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware. The crowd threw beach balls in the air. People danced. Delaware rocked! So, I was excited to hear their new single, “Lost in Space.” So cool to have them back. Very excited for the new album.

Random but relevant thought!

Why do I feel like “Homesick” is one of Noah Kahan’s biggest songs yet?! It’s amazing. Also, I covered his show in Pittsburgh recently for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Incredible show. Sold out. He’s also really funny when he talks to the crowd. Really fun time. His career is going to new heights.

Alt 18

Glass Animals and Hozier have been battling for the top spot each week. Great to see Hozier doing so well. He brings back so many memories. “Take me to Church” was one of the biggest Alt Nation songs ever. Hozier eventually dominated FM radio with the single. On a side note, Alt Nation has helped bands blow up. From Walk the Moon to Bishop Briggs. ALT nation: it all starts here!

Last month I introduced Beaches “Edge of the Earth” on the Alt 18 countdown! And yes Madison, I’d be happy to fill in for you next time you’re on vacation!

Royal Otis “Linger” has reached the top 5, rightfully so. Incredible cover. Rainbow Kitten Surprise reached number 8. Billie Eilish is holding strong with “Lunch.” Still great to see Alice Merton and Pearl Jam consistently on the countdown. Girl in Red has been steady in the top 10.

See everyone next month! I’m going outside and listening to some songs.

By mykct