His Lordship - Mcr Night and Day

It was great to be back at Manchester’s iconic Night and Day. It seems like an age since I was last there and even better to be back now the venue can put that ridiculous episode behind it and look to the future.

Opening the night were ‘Dead Stilettos’ whose short, sharp set and frenetic stage antics certainly went down well with the expanding crowd who vocally appreciated the Mancunian outfit’s no-frills Stooges-infused rock-n-roll. Describing themselves as ‘your creepy uncle’s wedding band!’ I’ve been hearing great things about Jack, Brad, Ollie and Lucas and they certainly didn’t disappoint. 

Whilst on paper ‘His Lordship’ are a two-piece, on the road James Walbourne and Kristoffer Sonne are joined by David Page on bass resulting in what is without any doubt, the most formidable three-piece around today.

From the opening ‘I Live In The City’ to the finale, a blistering version of Johnny O’Keefes Wild One (Real Wild Child), ‘His Lordship’ were relentless. This is exactly how rock-n-roll should be… Loud, brash, raucous yet meticulously executed… We’ve all seen the term ‘garage rock’ used as an excuse for shoddy but not with ‘His Lordship’. This band is so incredibly tight which is all the more impressive with the moves these guys throw. James Walbourne in particular who makes the current crop of gymnastic indie guitar heros look like those dull as fuck 90’s shoe-gazing bands that refused to move other than to shuffle from one end of a pedal board to another. 

‘All Cranked Up’ ‘Rock Fall Echo Dust’ ‘Buzzkill’ ‘Cat Call’ ‘Joybo’ and riff of the night ‘Jackie Works for the NHS’ are all delivered with an energy that goes beyond that of the recorded versions, and those records have some amount of energy!

When James introduces a new song in memory of friend Shane MacGowen, ‘that new it doesn’t even have a name yet…’  he talks of talking and writing together with Shane, ‘..staying up all night, staying up all fuckin’ week’. It’s the only moment of respite the three get all night.  

‘The Repenter’ is possibly the moment of the night, but then that could well have been Kristoffer atop his bass drum, microphone rammed in mouth, flapping like either some rock-n-roll albatross or punk-rock pigeon, depending on where you were stood!

You must see ‘His Lordship’ before the venues get too big!



His Lordship - Mcr Night and DayHis Lordship - Mcr Night and Day

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