Swifties Opt For Cheaper “Eras Tour” Tickets Overseas

I wasn’t even aware that this could have been a possibility

Anticipation for the new movie Deadpool And Wolverine has been building with the film set for theatrical release in July. But rumors were swirling that Taylor Swift may be making appearance in the film as Marvel character Dazzler. She was seen with both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman at a Chiefs game this fall, driving the speculation.

And with this movie poster, it was easy to assume that there was some “Eras Tour” vibes

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Although, according to Consequence:

Shortly after IMAX stoked months-long rumors with a new poster showing the titular characters holding hands and wearing friendship bracelets that have now become associated with “The Eras Tour,” Entertainment Weekly published a report squashing the idea.

That’s just what someone who wants to bury the surprise would say. I guess we’ll just have to find out with Deadpool and Wolverine releases to theaters on July 26th.

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