‘Work/Life/Balance’ is the debut album for Stoke-based Camens.

The band describe their style as “Real, raw and relatable, alternative indie”, adding that they get their inspiration from Taking inspiration from bands such as Interpol, Vampire Weekend and Weezer.

Going through the album track by track, I realised this was something special, you can tell that a lot of hard work, ambition and grit had gone in to produce the music.

Makes sense to start at the beginning?

Track One – Cynical:
It’s punchy beginning is an instant hook, and keeps you hooked with the switch of tempo, catchy backing track and powerful vocals.

Just as it settles into a consistent rhythm, they ramp it up a notch and throw a stunning guitar solo, and turn the dials up x1000.

The lyrics are meaningful and raw, something Camens say they have worked hard to incorporate into the album.

Track Two – Poltergeist:
VERY different to the first track, in that whilst the energy was brought initially, it’s more mellow and has a different mood to it, reminds me of Circa Waves in a way, meloncholic but keeps a consistent buzz along with it, which keeps you listening.

The drumbeat in particular was impressive and connected all the different elements, like it measured the amount of throttle the band went for.

The lyrics sound like they’re talking of an haunting of a previous relationship, event or trauma, but it captures a relatable feeling most people have been through in their lives.

An excellent track.

Track Three – Lying Won’t Get You Anywhere:
I won’t say too much on this track, but it’s definitely one of my favourites, it’s a positive sounding spin on an all relatable feeling, to myself anyway, and it’s a stunning track.

I previously reviewed this track and I stand by what I said, you can read the review here:


Stunning vocals, stunning guitar, just absolutely lovely.

Track Four – Outlines:
How is this band so versatile? Once again a switch up from the first few tracks.

It has an element of synth to it and moulds together with a lot of different instruments, but is carried through by the guitar.

Track Five – Confetti & Kalashnikovs:
And we’re back to a similar style to ‘Lying Won’t Get You Anywhere’, this again is a brilliant track.

It’s a style that really suits Camens and is hard to top, frontman Scott Powell has a real knack for adapting the into different styles and owning the lyrics, I’d love to hear more about the inspiration for the lyrics.

The only criticism I have on this track is the repetition of “What are we fighting each other for” goes on a bit too long for me, the backing track is fantastic, but it wasn’t the ending I was hoping for after a strong start.

Still a solid, well put together song.

Track Six – Slept On The Sofa:
We turn to a very emotional sounding song, at first anyway.

Camens are a rollercoaster of tempo and tone in this song, but they still manage to keep that raw emotion, which gives them the room to explore more with the guitar, which, spoiler alert, they do.

I really like this song, it’s the perfect amount of heavy in parts for me, and it doesn’t overpower the vocals, which in an emotional song like this, is perfect.

Fantastic ending too, left me wanting more.

Track Seven – Salt:
I was not expecting this at all, a more intimate acoustic feel to this song and I LOVE IT.

This definitely has a top three spot for me too, I love how chilled out it sounds, but I could listen to it in any mood possible, sad, happy, motivated, it can ease my mood or make me feel better.

Again, front man Scott’s intricate lyrics and versatile voice is simply beautiful and I would love to hear it live.

“Give me more!” I thought, which they did, we’re not done yet.

Track Eight – Sleeping Patterns Repeating:
Ohhhhhhhh – the intro immediately reminded me of The Wombats, and well, I love the Wombats.

The band clearly aren’t scared to be experimental, or to take risks, but from what I’ve heard so far, it’s paying off for them.

Again, very impressed with the drumbeat in this tune, weaves it all together.

Track Nine – Danny DeVito:
Firstly, a question, why is it called Danny DeVito?! gave me a good laugh that.

Another cracker of a tune, some great energy, I can see them jumping around on stage right now, very likely having the time of their lives and why wouldn’t they?

It’s fun, particularly love the line “Have you ever walked around Madison Square in a I LOVE LONDON T-Shirt” – pokes a bit of fun at the typical tourist and the on the merch you see.

If you want a laugh, in a musical way, without it being too obvious, or if you know, you just love Danny DeVito…

Track Ten – Do You Remember?:
Ramp the heavy beat back up, it’s fast paced but it’s great.

My interpretation is that it is asking a significant other (or ex?) about the laughs, fun and memories shared, but without it being too lovey dovey and in your face, it is the perfect indie love song.

I love it – can see this on the montage of a Netflix series, boy meets girl, they seperate, they come back together, – commission this as the backing track please Netflix, and me as the writer, if you want anyway.

Track Eleven – Leave It For Now:
The penultimate track of the album, slows down a little bit but still keeps you sweet.

This is a simple track, but sometimes, simple is best, it talks about something sad, but the backing track wouldn’t give you the impression of that, listen to the lyrics carefully, they’re well thought through and personal, without giving too much away.

A fantastic track and good to slow it down as the album comes to an end.

Track Twelve – On The Walk From The Picturehouse:
The final track of the album and what an ending!

It ties together all the styles that Camens have perfectly displayed, not too heavy, not to slow, perfect elements to bring it together.

More raw and intricate lyrics, if you listen carefully, it’s a very telling story, giving the band a relatable relationship with the listener, without meeting them or seeing them live.

It’s a strong skill to have and something that is captured very well in this song, which makes it a great ending to the album.

Final thoughts are that it is beautifully produced, an upbeat, fantastic album, which is a treat for the ears, get it bought, get it listened to, get it added to your playlist – it would be a crime not to.



By mykct