In accordance to an interview with Put up-Burnout magazine back in July, Bristol indie fourpiece Chasing Kites fashioned as a counter to frontman Matt Donnelly&#8217s previous poppier challenge, pursuing a &#8220raucous, intense sound&#8221 akin to his professed enjoy for Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. Headlining their hometown&#8217s Mr Wolfs and showcased as just one of BBC&#8217s &#8216Significant New Seem&#8217, Donnelly&#8217s most up-to-date innovative enterprise appears set on a self-confident trajectory.

Just just wherever this liberated, wild edge lies is challenging to inform. From the band&#8217s debut single &#8216Normandy&#8217, a tender-rock formulation throughout their subsequent indistinguishable singles is rigidly followed, seemingly to craft yet another plodding indie sog that sags tepidly versus Donnelly&#8217s earnest vocals. Prior tracks like &#8216Late Night time&#8217 or &#8216Two Cities&#8217 are oddly common in that they seem like the generic mattress audio accompanying any offered mainstream summer time festival&#8217s Television set highlights.

New one &#8216Collide&#8217 provides much more of the same. Guitarist Liam Hope scores the song&#8217s regaling of Donnelly&#8217s mom and dad&#8217 youthful courtship with a genuinely influencing percolating jangle that ripples amid a sonic expanse of delicate synth ambiance. The infinitely a lot more intriguing verse just about lulls you into a daydream meander that approximately floats into Spirit of Eden&#8216s heady introspection prior to a large bucket of flat underwhelm is dunked all above you, the band retreating into the acquainted territory of comprehensive-chested, area indie masquerading as soulful stir.

Despite its stargazing tease, Chasing Kites have sent one more solitary which frustratingly lapses into corporate rock just when it dares to get exciting. In this article&#8217s hoping the future single successfully wields the pearls of impressionistic entice they evidently possess.

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