An upbeat track with a summer season indie come to feel, “FINE” is a catchy, addictive track which is captured the hearts of not only Hague’s fans, but managed to start him to amount 1 of the itunes singer songwriters chart.

With a pulsing percussion conquer, and indie-pop guitar melody, it would make for an straightforward, fun pay attention and Hague’s vocals are truly suited to this style, as he’s explored this nostalgic rock truly feel with a modern day edge, and verified he can flexibly transfer in between rock, indie-pop and people. 

“FINE” captures the enjoyment that comes with the breaking of summer months and the contentment that will come with that – still we have this juxtaposition of the sadder lyrics. Hague delivers in a additional psychological facet to the seemly pleased area amount song by discussing critical issues, delving into a much more vulnerable side and into concepts these as men’s psychological wellness and how pressurising it can be to normally be all right.

There’s this sensation of entrapment within his possess emotions as Hague sings “I don’t know how to breathe underwater” and evidently not it is not only the irresistible sound of the keep track of but his lyricism has connected and drawn in numerous listeners too

Being “FINE” can be a suggests to an finish, to surpass people’s anxieties or guilt, to bottle up emotions, and Hague described how this tune “came out of nowhere” and he managed to just type within just him. 

This is a history all set for people today to enjoy all through the summertime as very well as emotion it on a individual level. 

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